PHP (Open Source)

  • Floyer: Floyer is simple and fast deployment tool using git/svn and (S)FTP.
  • Laravel QueryDumper: Laravel package to dump all running queries on the page.
  • Laravel QueryLine:Package to show time graph against run quries on a page.
  • Laravel Eventable:Package to add event listening capabilities to models on Create/Update/Delete operations.
  • BloggerCMS: A CMS that helps you create static blogs via Admin Panel.
  • EZPHP: Light-weight PHP Framework with MVC Design Pattern.
  • Phexecute: Awesome PHP Code Runner
  • BookMarker: Bookmarker app, no more mixed up browser bookmarks.
  • Laravel VisitLog: Laravel package to log visitor information.
  • Good Todo: Keep track of your tasks and todos
  • Visual Query: Visual query builder for MySQL
  • Save Page Complete: Class to save pages in single file with all CSS and JavaScript

PHP (Professional)

  • TSLIC Agents: A website made in Laravel for funeral home agents in USA
  • Donors Impact: A donation giving website for the universities
  • CosmicJeans: A website to buy jeans
  • SpySure: Website with services to monitor what employees are doing.
  • French District: A multi-purpose French website.
  • Zawiya: Religious and culture related website
  • UK Exam: Website with an exam system for those who want to come to United Kingdom
  • Various other development projects
  • Various Facebook Apps


  • Slidr: jQuery plugin to create beautiful HTML Presentations !
  • HTML5Sticky: Sticky Notes App for the Web !
  • StyleTable: jQuery plugin to style html tables!
  • DropShadow: jQuery plugin to apply drop shadow effect to any element!




  • Webnote: Chrome browser extension + backend to help you save pages and do research !
  • Facebookify: Greasemonkey script to inject instance of Facebook object into pages !


  • Pak SMS: Software made in VB6 to send free SMS to Pakistan !

Technologies: php, javascript, jquery, css/css3, html/html5, mvc, wordpress, joomla, codeigniter, laravel, opencart, backbone, angularjs, android, git, svn, agile, etc