Introducing Phexecute - PHP Code Runner

Sarfraz Ahmed    May 25, 2015 01:04 PM

Some time ago I had posted about PHPExecute which is PHP code runner / tester. The purpose of PHPExecute was to quickly test some PHP code and save snippets for later use. PHPExecute was very basic, I always wanted to have ability to write tests, store unlimited snippets, check coding conventions based on PSR2 but I actually never updated it to implement those features. Last weekend I sat down and wrote Phexecute , it supersedes PHPExecute.

Phexecute has these features:

  • PHP Code_Sniffer to easily identify and fix problematic parts of code (through PSR-2)
  • Run PHPUnit tests and see results right inside browser
  • Run SimpleTest tests
  • Uses Symfony VarDumper component easy visualization of vars, arrays, objects
  • Ability to save unlimited snippets
  • Live PHP error highlighting
  • Easy to extend


Main Screen

Main Window

PHP Code_Sniffer Results

CodeSniffer Window

PHPUnit Results

PHPUnit Window

SimpleTest Results

SimpleTest Window

Checkout Phexecute on Github

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