Slim3 Skeleton

Sarfraz Ahmed    May 19, 2015 06:57 PM

I needed to start working on some personal project which essentially isn't going to be that big. For this I was looking for light framework so I looked into Silex, Lumen and Slim. Even though all of them do good job I however chose Slim3 to go with.

I had downloaded and started configuring Slim for my needs but then I saw a post by Rob Allen he posted yesterday mentioning that he has created Slim 3 skeleton. It was good because he already had put together all the goodies I needed:

  • Built-in Dependency Injection Container (Slim uses Pimple DIC)
  • Monolog
  • Ability to inject middlewares
  • Twig templating engine
  • Dependency-Aware Controllers

It provided good base to start with. I modified his skeleton a bit:

  • Added Tracy PHP debugger
  • Added nice-looking interface
  • Created Twig templates with partials
  • Modified folder structure a bit so that both frontend and backend assets can easily be added and used

This now allows me to easily start working on my project.

Here is screenshot of default page of Slim 3 skeleton I created:


Slim 3 Skeleton on Github

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